With the largest newsroom in the state

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uk canada goose outlet When self confessed snowboarding addict Risma Utami planned ski Canada Goose Jackets trips from her adopted hometown of Sydney, conspicuously absent from the wishlist of destinations were the fields in the nearby Snowy Mountains.”Europe, Japan and New Zealand are cheaper, you have better quality snow there, more challenging slopes, great accommodation, less waiting time at the lift and more skiing,” the 29 year old said. Ski giant Vail Resorts Inc, which last week agreed to pay $136 million for Perisher Ski Resort.Perisher is Australia’s largest and most popular ski resort, but in a country better known for deserts and beaches, it faces some significant natural hurdles. Resorts as getting its hands on Perisher’s limited, canada goose trenton jacket uk albeit profitable, assets particularly as climate change bites.”Mountains in canada goose jacket outlet store the northern hemisphere are generally more luxurious, bigger, better mountains than those in the southern hemisphere,” Vail chairman Rob Katz told Reuters after the deal, which will offer Perisher season pass holders access to Vail’s North American resorts.”In Australia, for somebody looking at Perisher and saying ‘should I buy a pass?’ on worries maybe the season won’t be that good this year, they now know they can also ski in the United States for free.”HOTTER AND DRIERThe challenge facing the Australian ski industry are only expected to rise as the climate becomes hotter and drier. uk canada goose outlet

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