Scotty T reveals he’s in talks for his own reality show as he

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replica handbags online LIASSON: Yes. This is a pattern. Sometimes, he lashes out at a blue state at a time of tragedy. Scotty T reveals he’s in talks for his own reality show as he teams up with replica ysl bags australia Charlotte Crosby on Just Tattoo Of UsEXCLUSIVE: The Geordie Shore star could end up with his very own reality show just like pal CharlotteAnd Charlotte, 28, said she’s hopeful that the series will return.She told us: “I’m hoping that I will get another one but I don’t know yet, it’s just far too soon to be able to tell stuff like that.”But in the meantime, the pair have been reunited on MTV as co presenters of Just Tattoo Of Us, which kicked off on Monday.Scotty has been brought in to replace Stephen Bear following his split with Charlotte, but insists that it was supposed to be his job in the first place.He said: “It was meant to be mine from the beginning, I was originally doing the show with Charlotte from the start but it wasn’t fully planned and I was away so with all the timing and stuff it didn’t work out so they put Stephen in.”But obviously as soon as that fizzled out and I was available I went straight on it.”I watched a couple of [the old episodes], I didn’t feel like I wished I was there because Charlotte was seeing Bear and she was happy with him, but I knew replica bags chicago it was always meant to be me and as soon as I went on it I wish I’d done it from the start.”I’m here now and it’s better than ever. It’s my series so obviously I’m going to say it’s the best.”The show sees pairs of people design secret tattoos for each other and facing off replica bags cheap in the dreaded reveal after being inked blindfolded.Scotty will even be given a tattoo of his own in episode two of the series as he’s officially welcomed into the gang.And while he didn’t want to spoil the surprise of what it is, he did say it’s “fg horrendous”.Charlotte Crosby flashes her nipples in soaking wet T shirt as she goes for a sexy dip with boyfriend Joshua RitchieCharlotte is glad to have him on boardCharlotte said she’s pleased to replica bags from turkey have Scotty on board as he’s much “warmer and funnier” than her previous co host.Speaking of the series, she added: “It’s just the same as every other series, nothing has really changed, there’s bad tattoos, there’s good tattoos, kick offs, tears, happy, sad, it’s just exactly the same as every other series apart from we’ve got Scott on board so it’s a lot more fun.”It’s hard to shock me now because I’m so used to it but sometimes I am shocked. There’s some lovely tattoos, some really emotional ones, some really good ones replica handbags online.