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Sunday, May 20. Directed by Dr. Verolga Nix, the choir will entertain its audience with a free concert of gospel music. Excuse me?? Since when did the inability to speak a language become racism. My grandfather came here from Mexico (legally) my whole family is Mexican/Native American, there is no racism. My mother made the decision that she would not teach us Spanish when we were young, although I did get yelled at in Spanish by my grandmother when I was younger.

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Kile was a special kid and it does mean a lot to me, he said. Don know how much it means to them. I try not to (put pressure on them). The Ice in Paradise ice skating arena, scheduled to open this October 2015, will provide a permanent, state of the art, energy efficient, public recreation facility serving youth, adults, students and families in the Santa Barbara area. The building features a NHL size main rink, a studio rink, homework center, daily public skating, learn to skate programs, facilities and programs for figure skaters, hockey players, and ice sports for participants with disabilities. Special design features will allow for adaptive ice sports..

After the Warriors drafted Stephen Curry from unheralded Davidson College in 2009, fans across the country became enamored with his exciting style of play. Through the years, the team added players to complement Curry scoring prowess Klay Thompson, Draymond Green and Andre Iguodala. In 2015, they won the NBA championship, ending the franchise 40 year championship drought.

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She raised her eyebrows when I said I was from California, and later, an older woman said, “It’s really different there, huh?” Her words seemed heavy with implication. I wondered what that meant to her. What did she know, or think she knew, about a reporter from the coast of California? What did I think I knew about this small town in the heart of the southern Appalachian Mountains?.

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Poor Lance Armstrong. On Nov. 11, 2012, Maurice Skillman, 27, allegedly fired 20 shots at the second floor balcony of the Baldassari Regency on the 100 block of Morris Avenue, with one of the bullets striking the five year veteran corrections officer in the head. He was arrested on Dec.

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